Screen Managers

Managing multiple screens on Linux


Screen is an utility that allows a user or administrator to create multiple screens (interactive shells) from within one window.
Screen is available for most Linux distributions and should be available within your repositories if it is not already installed.

To install screen on your Linux system, follow the instructions at Install Screen Manager for Linux

Below is an overview of some of the basic functionality that can be found within the screen manager utility.

Display Screen Commands

For a quick overview of the commands that can be issued from your terminal you can issue the following command:
Ctrl + A then ?

Output from above key sequence:

Screen key bindings, page 1 of 1.

                       Command key:  ^A   Literal ^A:  a

  break       ^B b         license     ,            removebuf   =        
  clear       C            lockscreen  ^X x         reset       Z        
  colon       :            log         H            screen      ^C c     
  copy        ^[ [         login       L            select      '        
  detach      ^D d         meta        a            silence     _        
  digraph     ^V           monitor     M            split       S        
  displays    *            next        ^@ ^N sp n   suspend     ^Z z     
  dumptermcap .            number      N            time        ^T t     
  fit         F            only        Q            title       A        
  flow        ^F f         other       ^A           vbell       ^G       
  focus       ^I           pow_break   B            version     v        
  hardcopy    h            pow_detach  D            width       W        
  help        ?            prev        ^H ^P p ^?   windows     ^W w     
  history     { }          quit        ^\           wrap        ^R r     
  info        i            readbuf     <            writebuf    >        
  kill        ^K k         redisplay   ^L l         xoff        ^S s     
  lastmsg     ^M m         remove      X            xon         ^Q q     

^]   paste .
"    windowlist -b
-    select -
0    select 0
1    select 1
2    select 2
3    select 3
4    select 4
5    select 5
6    select 6
7    select 7
8    select 8
9    select 9
]    paste .
|    split -v
:kB: focus prev

                        [Press Space or Return to end.]