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Learn how to monitor your Linux systems using free available tools and software. Install and configure LAMP on popular Linux distributions. Learn to make your systems more secure with SELinux, iptables and firewalld. Learn how to share files with other operating systems with SAMBA.

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    Learn to install Linux in a virtual environment. Test systems before you deploy them to a production environment. Experiment in safety, roll back changes with ease.

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    Learn how to create and modify user accounts from the command line. Create and assing new groups to users. Manage passwords and group membership.

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    An Introduction to Bash shell scripting. Learn to use the Bash shell for writing scripts and automating tasks. Work with variables, conditional processing, Loops, create custom functions and write interactive scripts.

Linux Flight Simulators - X-plane and FlightGear

Linux Flight Simulators

Xplane-11 and FlightGear are two great flight simulators that you can run on your Ubuntu/Linux Mint desktop.
FlightGear is 100% free and offers hundreds of different Aircraft to fly. These include many popular light aircraft such as the Cessna 172 and airliners such as the AC320 Airbus and Boeing 777.
Xplane-11 is one of the most realistic Flight Simulators currently available and offers a very high level of aircraft. Although Xplane-11 is a paid for software package, it does have a very good fully useable demo that can be downloaded.

Full instructions aare given for the installation of both packages on your Ubuntu/Linux Mint system.