Learning Linux - Part Two

Linux Basic Fundamentals Guide and Tutorial

Welcome to the Land of Linux's tutorials and guides. In part 2 of our free tutorial we will introduce you to the Linux shell. We will take a look at "Internal" and "External" Shell commands. We will look at how information can be stored in variables. What are "shell" variables and "environmental" variables?

What is a "PATH"? How does the "$PATH" variable work? Adding additional paths to your $PATH. Locate where a program executes from with the command "which" and "whereis".

An introduction to Basic file handling commands.

We will take a look at various methods of viewing the content of files using "pagers". How to create and edit files using the "vi" and "vim" text editors. Howto create an empty file or modify the timestamp of a file using the "touch" command.

We take a look at how to use the powerful pattern matching and wildcards within the shell.

Part 2 - Linux Tutorial