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Learning Linux

Learning Linux can seem a daunting task as first, however, you shouldn't be scared. Linux is actually quite easy to learn and is no harder than learning any other operating system. Take small steps at a time and build your foundation. Try Linux under VirtualBox, install it on an old computer. Remember there are some fantastic communities online who are more than happy to help anyone starting out with Linux. There are many free Linux books online and videos that you can watch. Good Luck with your journey.

Linux Tutorial - Part 4

Linux Basic Fundamentals Guide and Tutorial

Welcome to the Land of Linux's tutorials and guides. In part 4 of our free tutorial we will look at the importance of Package Management. Under Linux, software is generally referred to as a package. These packages contain the code that is then installed on to your system. It is critical that you keep your Linux systems upto date at all times.

We will take a look at some of the most popular package management tools available to various Linux distributions.

Generally most Linux systems will use one or more of the following Package Management utilities for installing, updating or removing packages.

RPM Package Manager.

RPM is a Package Management utility for Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) based systems. These include Fedora, CentOS and Oracle Linux.

YUM Package Manager.

YUM is a command line Package Management utility used on RPM based systems.

DNF Package Manager.

DNF is a new Package Management tool aimed at replacing the YUM package manager on RHEL based systems.

Pacman Package Manager.

Pacman is a Package Management tool for Arch Linux based systems.

Zypper Package Manager.

Zypper is a Package Management tool used on SLES and openSUSE Linux systems.

YAST Package Manager.

Yast - Multi purpose administration tool that can be used for package management on openSUSE and SLES systems. YAST is Graphical Menu driven system.

Debian Package Manager.

Debian based package management for Debian and Ubuntu based systems.

APT Package Manager.

Debian based package management tool. Used on Debian and Ubuntu based systems.

Quick Install Links

  • Ubuntu

    Quick installation guide link for Ubuntu 20.04 LTS.

  • CentOS 8

    Quick installation guide link for CentOS 8.

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