Learning Linux - Part Eight

Linux Basic Fundamentals Guide and Tutorial

Welcome to the Land of Linux's tutorials and guides. In part eight of our free tutorial we will cover some how to view your systems hardware and list loaded kernel modules.

Howto install a Web Server. Installing the Apache Web Server.

We look at how to share files from your Linux system to other systems. Sharing files with Samba. Configuring Samba with SWAT.

Howto install and configure the Webmin Systems Administration Tool. Webmin is a GUI interface for systems administration of a Linux system.

Scheduling is a very important aspect of any Linux System. Several built in tools are available to the Systems Administrator for the scheduling of jobs or custom scripts. An introduction to "crontab" and "at".

Part 8 - Linux Tutorial

  • Hardware and kernel Module basics
  • Learn to display your systems hardware. Using the lspci, lsusb, lsdev and lsmod
  • Shared Libraries
  • Working with shared libraries. Displaying shared libraries.
  • Apache
  • Install and test the Apache Web Server.
  • Samba
  • Introduction to Samba, Installing and configuring.
  • SWAT
  • Samba Web Administration Tool.
  • Samba Shares
  • Howto guide and tutorial for creating Samba Shares.
  • Webmin Systems Administration Tool
  • How to install Webmin System Administration Tool on Debian/Ubuntu and Red Hat/CentOS systems.
  • Crontab
  • Scheduling of tasks, Anacron, learn to run jobs at specified times.
  • At
  • Scheduling of tasks with the at command. Learn to run adhoc jobs at specified times. Using atq and atrm commands.
  • Date
  • Displaying system dates and modifying the system time with the date command.
  • dd
  • Create and backup files using the "dd" command.
  • Fallocate
  • Create large test files easily with the "fallocate" command.