Ubuntu 13.04

Install Ubuntu 13.04

Installing Ubuntu Linux (Ubuntu 13.04 - Raring Ringtail)

Ubuntu is one of the most popular Linux distributions available for the desktop. Ubuntu is ideally suited to new and experienced users of Linux. Ubuntu is a fast secure system that has a built in firewall and anti virus protection. Ubuntu comes with complete with a built in email client, Music Manager software and full office suite of software compatible with Microsoft Office. You can also choose from the Ubuntu software Centre where you will find free software to suit any need. To try Ubuntu, simply download one of the daily images from the following location:

Download Ubuntu Linux

Once you have your downloaded "iso" image, you will need to burn this to a DVD. For software that can do this, search for "dvd iso burning software" in the search box above. Your system may already come with burning software such as "Brasero, K3B, Nero, CDBurnerXP or Roxio". Once you have burned your "iso" image of Ubuntu to your DVD, you will need to leave the DVD in the DVD drive and reboot your system. As your computer reboots, you will need to press the appropriate key to access your system's BIOS settings. On many systems this key will be "F8", "F11" or "F12". Most systems will display the a message indicating which key needs to be pressed. Once you have access to your BIOS settings, you will need to modify the boot order of your system to boot from CD/DVD first. Once you have made this change, you can reboot your system and follow the settings below.

Initial loading screen

After a short while you will see the above loading screen signifying that Ubuntu is Loading.

Ubuntu booting

Welcome Screen

At the welcome screen you can choose to Try Ubuntu or Install to your Hard Drive.

Ubuntu Welcome Screen

Preparing to Install Ubuntu

Select install third party software for mp3 support.

Ubuntu Install

Install Ubuntu

Select LVM Option as this will allow you to add additional disk at a later date if needed. (see LVM Guide

Ubuntu Installation

Enter Time Zone Information

Select your current time zone from. If your location is not automatically found, simply type your location into the box.

Ubuntu Time Zone

Keyboard Settings

Select your Keyboard settings. In the example I have chosen English UK. You can try your keyboard settings out by typing in the test area.

Ubuntu Keyboard Settings

Who are you?

Define your userid,password and systems hostname here. Select the option for "require my password" as extra security.

Ubuntu User Settings

Welcome to Ubuntu

Files will be copied from your installation media to your hard drive. This may take a while...

Welcome to Ubuntu

Installing Software

The next phase is the installation of your operating system. Here your user accounts, time zone settings and various packages are installed along with the GRUB 2 bootloader.

Ubuntu installing packages

Installation Complete

Installation has now completed successfully.

Ubuntu Install Complete

Login Screen

If all has gone OK, you should now see a login screen where you can enter your password you created earlier.

Ubuntu Login Screen

Ubuntu Desktop

Congratulations, you have successfully installed Ubuntu.

Ubuntu installing packages