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Welcome to our page dedicated to giving you useful hints and tips for installing and using the popular Linux distribution Ubuntu.

Conky System Manager

Install and Configure the Conky System Manager. Install custom themes and widgets, monitor CPU, Memory, Disk, Network and even the Weather!
Howto install the Conky System Manager

Unity Desktop Makeover

Change your system's menu colours, icons and wallpaper. Installing new themes and icons. To give your Unity desktop a makeover, simply click on the following link:
Installing Unity Themes and Icons

Howto install software on Ubuntu from the command line

Installing software with Ubuntu is very easy. The easiest way to install new software is to use the built in "Ubuntu Software Centre". This graphical user interface allows you to easily install and remove software from your Ubuntu system. However, there are several other ways that software can be installed and removed under Ubuntu. This is achieved by using package manager commands from the command line. For an over view of using the "apt-get" package management system or the "Debian" package management system simply click on the following links:

apt-get: apt-get Package Management
Debian Package Manager: Debian Package Management

Howto remove the Guest Account from the Login Screen

By default after installation, Ubuntu creates a Guest account which allows access to your system in a read only manner. To disable this account and remove it from the initial login screen, simply follow the link:
Howto Remove Guest Account

Ubuntu Keyboard Short Cut Keys

To quickly identify your shortcut keys from your desktop, simply hold the "Super Key" (flag) down, you should then be displayed with a screen indication all the shortcuts that are available to you. (Click for example screen shot of Keyboard Short Cuts taken from from an Ubuntu 14.04 LTS desktop system)

Privacy Settings - Configuring Privacy settings on Ubuntu

By default whenever you access your Dashboard from Ubuntu's unity desktop, you will be presented with recent activity of files, applications and downloads. To control how much information is displayed click the following link:
Edit Security and Privacy Settings

Howto Remove Amazon Search results from the Unity Dash

By default when you install Ubuntu in versions after Ubuntu 12.04, Amazon shopping results are included in any searches that you perform within the Unity Dash. To stop online results from appearing click on the following link:
Disable Online Search

Boost Performance with Gnome Session Fallback Desktop

To speed up your performance on an older PC or Laptop switch to the Gnome Session Fallback desktop. To install the "gmome-session-fallback" desktop click on the following link:
Gnome Session Fallback Desktop

Gnome Session Flashback Desktop

To speed up your performance on an older PC or Laptop switch to the Gnome Session Flashback desktop. Flashback resembles the "Classic Gnome 2" desktop. Compiz and Metacity versions are available. To install the "gnome-session-flashback" desktop click on the following link:
Gnome Session Flashback Desktop

Ubuntu Desktop Not responding

If you ever encounter a window that refuses to die after you have tried to close it or your desktop stops responding, there are some basic recovery options you can use. For more details follow the link:
Ubuntu Desktop Recovery Options

Browse Ubuntu's Software Centre from your browser

Apps can be installed directly from the Ubuntu Software Centre, however, you can also browse and install applications directly from your browser. Simply click on the following link:
Ubuntu Apps Directory

Play Multimedia files, Videos and DVDs easily

There are many excellent Video players for Linux, however, one that is very popular is VLC. VLC is known for its ability to play almost any video format you can throw at it. It also has the ability to stream media and convert files from one format to another. Its also completely FREE. For more information click on the following link:
VLC Media Player