Linux Mint Installation Guides

How to install Linux Mint

Below are step by step guides for installing the Linux Mint Desktop on your PC. Also check out our guide for installing Linux using Oracle VM VirtualBox software: VirtualBox

Linux Mint Installation Guide

Install Linux Mint

Linux Mint is one of the most popular Linux desktop distributions and is used by millions of people world wide. Linux Mint will work immediately after installation and is easy to use, comes with full multi media support for playing music and videos. Thousands of free applications are available to download. As standard Mint comes with a full office suite (Libre Office), Firefox web browser, RhythmBox Music Manager/Player, Hypnotix TV player featuring 100s of channels from around the world. Linux Mint is based around Debian and Ubuntu Linux and is 100% free. To install the latest version of Linux Mint, click on the Mint Logo.