Ubuntu Installation Guides

How to install Ubuntu Desktop and Server

Below are step by step guides for installing the Ubuntu Desktop and Ubuntu Server edition on your PC or Server. Also check out our guide for installing Linux using Oracle VM VirtualBox software: VirtualBox

Ubuntu Desktop Installation Guide

Install Ubuntu Desktop

Ubuntu is a free and open source Linux distribution that is based on the popular Debian Linux operating system. Ubuntu is a very popular Linux distribution that can be used on PCs, Laptops, Servers, tablets and Mobile Phones. Ubuntu comes with many popular applications pre installed, including Firefox web browser, Libre Office Suite, ThunderBird Email Client, RhythmBox Music Player. Thousands of apps are also available including, Spotify, VLC, Google Play Desktop Music Player, Clementine Music Player, Blender, GIMP, Google Chrome, Kdenlive Video Editor, Telegram messenger, Etcher Image writer. The latest version of Ubuntu (20.04 LTS) is supported for 5 years. Ubuntu Desktop Edition is 100% free to download and use. To install Ubuntu 20.04 LTS to your computer, click on the Ubuntu logo.

Ubuntu Server Installation Guide

Install Ubuntu Server

Ubuntu Server is Canonicals Enterprise Class operating system. Ubuntu Server is rapidly becoming more common within larger organisations and data centres. Ubuntu Server installs without the X11 graphical desktop via a simple but intuitive text based installation menu. Ubuntu can be installed on many different architectures, including x86-64, ARM v7, ARM64, POWER8, and IBM zSystem mainframes. Ubuntu Server is 100% free to download and use. To install the latest version of ubuntu server to your system, click on the Ubuntu logo.